About Oviya Technologies


Welcome to Oviya Technologies, a leading pioneer of embedded solutions in Bangalore, India. We offer full range of tailor made of embedded products. Oviya technologies is a company dedicated to providing an excellent design solution for your product. Our excellence in Consultant- Design -Service for all kind of embedded product. We produce high quality of products, on time and at competitive rates.

We provide our services to customers in the following market sectors

  • IP Camera
  • Telecommunications
  • HiFi Audio System
  • Security
  • Home Automation
  • Power Electronics
  • Medical Electronics
  • Consumer product
  • Display System
  • Wireless Communication

Our Vision

We utilize a comprehensive development approach to provide high eminence of products that are tailored to meet your goal, desires and capital. Our mission is complete line of service with confidential, Timeliness, Accuracy and Communications. The path breaking innovation and sheer brillance have enveloped Onward, to reach its pristine glory.

Who we are?

Our Team consist of talented engineers, professional and expertises. We can offer the solution in professional and with exceptional quality. We aim to betted the perception on the embedded industry as a whole by constantly striving to produce best solution. We assure that you will satisfy our effort and consequence.

Why we are?

We are committed to understanding our's client business. In-tern helps our clients to achieve better concert. Our aim to work 'a partnership' with customer which will be mutually benefits and continually client satisfactions. We pride ourselves on high professional standards of our work and our commitment to exceptionally high levels of customer service and satisfaction.

Director message

"We endeavour to provide our most excellent services to our all valued clients. Our Aim is to enable our clients to complete and professional solution as effectively and efficiently as possible. Our mission is customer satisfaction"

System Design Services

We offer a range of ARM based embedded products. Products are ideal for consumer and Industrial application. Our comprehensive design solution is to meet your business requirement.

Embedded Software Development service

Onward embedded softwares embodied with dedicated, intelligent work force spans its wings in the software domain. By the way we assured the quality, unique, design and cost effective solutions.

Custom Design for Manufacturing

Product development performed in full process oriented in required hardware-design, software-design, development, testing, and manufacturing.


  • "OVINEC provides the solutions in BSP Development, Driver development, Linux System Customization for ARM, X86"
  • "OVINEC Works on MID/PDA Development Kit for Best Industry solutions."
  • "Ovinec provide solution for Display Sub System, IP Camera design"


  • R&D on Low power LED display units.
  • Enhancement on Android, MeeGo on variety of devices.
  • Low price Zigbee module.

Alliance Network

Our solution with industry standard product

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