Software Products

Software Products List

  • Linux Device Driver Development for any breed peripheral with ARM based processor.
  • EASY CAP USB Camera integration with Beagle board and IMX53 Board. Capture application stream the images and store into persistent
    memory device.
  • Linux Image convert application, which support various format as input (BAYER Data, RGB, YUV), and convert to wide variety of output
    format (BMP,PNG,JPEG).
  • Tele-chip TC3800 ARM processor, Linux BSP porting and board bring up with QT application, mplayer customization on the same.
  • QT framework cross compiled for AT91SAM processor and application multimedia development developed for custom design boards.
  • M-player and ffmpeg player customization for ARM based products.
  • Software development for SMS, Voice Call , Data Packet using GSM, CDMA. GPRS AT commands.
  • Application development on – Android, MeeGo , QT frameworks
  • Software development for GPS NMEA protocol for the Tracking system.
  • Medial products, Reads the Heat Beat signal and analysis it
  • Bridge Motor Control System Design- PWM Driver, Speed measurement/Control, rotary motion identification.
  • Temperature measurement and control system
  • GSM Detector, GSM/CDMA Suppressor
  • Driver Development – LAN, CAN devices.
  • Software Tools Experts – Development code, Debugging, JTAG.
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